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My First Production CGI Project... Back in 2001!

So back in 2001, I worked on a Pilot for Nickelodeon called “Constant Payne.” It was n “experience,” with the most interesting crew I’ve ever worked with.

The Pilot never made it into a series, which was sad because all of us poured our hearts into the production. But the reason why I want to show you this is so that you could have options when it comes to using a 3-D program like Maya as a “tool,” just like Photoshop or a blue-pencil, for any 2-D productions out there!


(Click on image to enlarge!)

Maya has a Toon tab built in and its quite amazing, simple and fast. Give it a try to see what you can get out of it! ITS FREE!

Here’s the final version:


(Click on image to enlarge!)

Some of the distress was hand-drawned to keep with the style of the Pilot.


Video #2: How to Create a File from Scratch

Here’s the second video from the Beginners’ Series: How to create a file from scratch, how to save a file’s settings and how to use the three different Screen Modes!



NEW Photoshop Video Tutorial Series!

I just uploaded to YouTube my first Photoshop video tutorial. This series, called “Photoshop BASIC Beginners Tutorials” is just that, BASIC information for those who are just starting tor want to learn Photoshop…


What I offer in this series is eighteen-years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, concentrating in the usage of Photoshop for Artists, starting with the BASICS - which will be a “refresher” course for many, to how to use Photoshop for Painters, Character and Prop Designers, Background Designers and Painters to Storyboards…

Here is the first (FREE) Video:


Along with these video tutorials, I will offer a series of Brushes, Actions and Tool Presets dedicated to Artists and their needs, like a thick-and-thin Brush to an Action that generates Storyboard-pages with the click of a button!

Stay tuned for the next videos!

Character Design Class By Luis Manuel Villarreal


Virtual Animators ofrecen un taller de Diseño de Personajes para Animación, con el prestigiado artista y gran animador Luis Manuel Villarreal.
Este taller es através del internet, pero EN VIVO! Podras comunicarte directamente con el instructor através de text message.
En este taller aprenderás todos los pasos a seguir respecto al diseño de personajes, tal y como lo hacen los artistas de Animación profesional en grandes estudios como, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks etc, etc.
Luis Manuel es un instructor quien tiene el carisma, la paciencia, el conocimiento y el talento para inspirarte y facilitar todo lo que necesitas para despertar tu imaginación y tu talento y llevarte a la cúspide de tus posibilidades como artista
Este curso cubrirá paso a paso, como investigar y analizar personalidad, el uso de formas como volumen y los diferentes estilos de diseño realizados en el pasado en películas clásicas.
El taller dura cuatro semanas (desde Junio 23 hasta Julio 28.) Cada semana recibirás tareas, las cuales serán revisadas personalmente por Luis Manuel durante cada una de las sesiones semanales.

El taller cuesta $550.00 - que creo yo es muy barato para un Artista que quiera llevar su talento a otro nivel!


Rigging At Puppeteer Lounge!


It has been a while since my last post, but I’ve been extremely busy with freelance AND... learning how to rig a face correctly...

My knowledge of rigging has always been at an intermediate level. I learned how to rig about ten years ago, and never went outside those limitations...

SoI decided to learn how to rig a face the “correct” way, and by that I mean, how to “setup a production ready hybrid facial rig based on joints and corrective facial shapes for better deformation for games and films...” That’s the description of the class I’m taking at Puppeteer Lounge (www.puppeteerlounge.com)...