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Feb 2014

Tutorial: iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate Painting Tutorial #2


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So here’s another short Tutorial of using the iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate to quickly create paintings “on the go!”

The objective of these tutorials is to show Artist how to use a simple program like Procreate, an amazing Stylus like the Jot Pro Touch 4 and a tablet (I use an iPad Mini because of its size,) and to quickly sketch something that you can then “finish-up” in either Photoshop - or your poison of preference!...


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In this tutorial I go over how to sample colors from photographs. I use an amazing photograph by Artist Angelica Dass’ humanæ project, where she took portraits of people and assigned the corresponding PANTONE® color scheme…” Very impressive project and work.

Stay tuned for more tutorials on this series!


Artists' Tools: SmudgeGuard "Two-Finger Glove"

No, is not a joke or a play on words, but a great tool for those who want to draw on a tablet and run into a very common problem: you are drawing on your tablet with a Stylus, and all of the sudden, you place the pummel on the screen - or another part of the hand,... and the tablet thinks that the hand AND the Stylus are one and it either rotes the image or it moves it!...


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Its called SmudGuard: its a simple glove made out of a magical material (87% Nylon and 13% Spandex,) wick prevents hand friction and on tablets, it prevents what’s called “Palm Recognition,” allowing you to rest your hand on the tablet as you draw!... Oh! And its also washable!

They have a single (SG1) and a double-finger glove (SG2)!


Creative Handbook: Great "Listing" for Artists

Creative Handbook: a great “showcase” for people in the Entertainment Industry who are looking to list themselves:


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You can list yourself so that those who are in search to hiring - Recruiters, Studios’ Art Directors and producers, Commercial Producers, Television Networks, Feature Filmmakers, TV Shows, Event Producers and Themed Entertainment Companies, can find you...

You may be asking yourself: “...I’m a Traditional Artist, I draw... Why should I list myself in here?!...” Well, who makes the Storyboards for all those movies? What about Concept Designs for a Commercial; who draws those designs, the Producers? This handbook is for ALL those with jobs or skills that are used in these Industries... not only Gaffers or Food Services!...


Tutorial: iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate Painting Tutorial #1


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So here’s a short Tutorial of using the iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate to quickly create paintings “on the go,” with a great Caramel Flan Latte seating at your local Starbucks...


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B&W sketching to final color sketch, I spent no more than one hour - I had to learn the program using their manual - that you can download for FREE onto your iPad!... I also had a Decaf Caramel Flan Latte and THREE madeleines while doing this color sketch!... Talk about “multi-tasking,” eh?...


Artists' Tools: iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate = FUN!


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So I broke down and bought an iPad Mini: why? Because I wanted a device to “showcase” my work to my clients... instead of my usual routine of: “...Wait, let me show you my work... give five minutes to launch my laptop... I’ll show!... almost there... nice weather lately? it feels like summer!... yeah...” My second reason was to be able to sketch ideas on the “go.” It wasn’t until my brother Bob - of PixelToonsInk.com, showed me his Jot Touch 4, a “pressure-sensitive” pen for iPads and other mobile devices...

I also write about this great painting program I used called Procreate (which you can buy through the App Store...)

Check out my review by clicking here or on the image!