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For a Great Cause: Primate Anatomy ZBrush Tutorial

An “fantastic” series of ZBrush tutorials by Ben Mauro via BadKing.com... because what makes this great series “fantastic,” is that 15% of the sale goes to a great cause: Save the Chimps (http://www.chimphaven.org/)


Here are the descriptions of the two series:

Primate Anatomy Part 1

In this six part tutorial, internationally renowned Artist and Instructor Ben Mauro shows us the tools and techniques necessary to build a high-resolution primate skull. Working within ZBrush 4R6, Ben utilizes a set of ZBrush tools and reference material to shows us his techniques to turn a simple three-dimensional sphere into a complex and highly detailed Chimpanzee Skull.

Primate Anatomy Part 2

In this twelve part tutorial, Ben Mauro continues to work within ZBrush 4R6 taking us through his process of creating a highly realistic Chimpanzee Bust from a simple three-dimensional sphere. He builds upon his primate skull created in his previous tutorial and demonstrates how to best utilize reference material to create desired results. Ben discusses how he renders, exports and brings sculpts into Photoshop before using a number of photobashing tips for added realism.

15% of Sales from Ben Mauro’s tutorial will go towards the Save the Chimps Foundation, rescuing chimpanzees from cruel conditions and experimentation performed within biomedical research laboratories.

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Growing and Shriking Selections in ZBrush


Tutorial: Growing & Shrinking Selections In ZBrush
A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Retopologize A Rough Sketch For Better Efficiency

This is one of the coolest tricks I’ve learned recently. I use it to GroupVisible PolyFaces based on the edge flow by growing / shrinking selected PolyFaces (from a hidden mesh)…


ZBrush/TopoGun Retopology Tutorial


Tutorial: ZBrush/TopoGun Mesh Retopology
A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Retopologize A Rough Sketch For Better Efficiency

I’m writing a quick tutorial on how to quickly sketch a character in ZBrush, re-topologyze in TopoGun, and re-project the detail - from the original quick sketch, back in ZBrush into the new Animation-friendly mesh.

This, I believe, saves time and improves performance due to the efficiency of the re-topologyzed mesh, and its also a Rigging and Animation-ready, which makes for happier artist and Producers!