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NEW Photoshop Video Tutorial Series!

I just uploaded to YouTube my first Photoshop video tutorial. This series, called “Photoshop BASIC Beginners Tutorials” is just that, BASIC information for those who are just starting tor want to learn Photoshop…


What I offer in this series is eighteen-years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, concentrating in the usage of Photoshop for Artists, starting with the BASICS - which will be a “refresher” course for many, to how to use Photoshop for Painters, Character and Prop Designers, Background Designers and Painters to Storyboards…

Here is the first (FREE) Video:


Along with these video tutorials, I will offer a series of Brushes, Actions and Tool Presets dedicated to Artists and their needs, like a thick-and-thin Brush to an Action that generates Storyboard-pages with the click of a button!

Stay tuned for the next videos!