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001: Growing and Shrinking Selections in ZBrush
A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Grow and Shrink Selections in ZBrush

Sometimes we want to group by visibility and using the Shift + Ctrl keys and selection Polyfaces to do that, well… it can be a pain. This technique is similar to Maya’s Grow Selection, and it even has its key-shortcuts! What we are going to use this technique is to Group different PolyFaces to a finger, so we can eventually moves the different digits to form a pose…

Basic Grow / Shrink Selection Pipeline
The technique is very simple:


(Click on the image!)

1. Isolating a starting point..

1) Use Shift + Ctrl + to select (thus, hiding the rest of the mesh,) a starting point…

WARNING! If you can only see one side of the mesh, go to Tool / Display Properties / Double

2. Grown / Shrink the selection...

2) Use Shift + Ctrl + X to GROW the selection: the PolyFaces that were hidden near the edges will re-appear…

3) To SHRINK the selection, use Shift + Ctrl + S...

3. Group visible PolyFaces...

4) Once you have all the PolyFaces you want to group, go to Tool / PolyGroups / GroupVisible

NOTE: To change the color of the newly created PolyGroup, keep hitting on GroupVisible and the colors will cycle until you find one you like!


5) Shift + Ctrl + Click on the empty canvas to reveal the rest of the mesh


Continuing to PolyGroup the mesh…

6) Select the newly created PolyGroup by Shift + Ctrl + Click on the PolyGroup. This will hide the rest of the mesh

7) GROW the selection (Shift + Ctrl + X) and you will see that the PolyFaces adjacent to the newly created PolyGroup will appear…

8) Once you have enough PolyFaces to Group, Shift + Ctrl + Click on the newly create PolyGroup to hide it

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