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From Sketches to a 3D Print!
How we Created a Toy-Prototype using Maya, ZBrush and a 3D Printer

This is a diary of the process and techniques I used to bring to live a toy design for a good friend of mine, Jon Kinyon (www.jonkinyon.com.) His Project, “OddJobs” (www.jonkco.com) is a T.V. series he is developing based on a line of toys he is making - synergy people, SYNERGY!...

What I want to show is the intricate process of creating a toy, from the “interpretation” of the Concept Design(s):


...Through sculpting in ZBrush, to then exporting a .STL file to a Service Bureau - I used Purple Porcupine, in Irvine California, to produce these amazing “prints” in a matter of hours... both the 4” and the incredibly detailed 1 1/2”:



So stay tuned for designs, turntables and pictures of the whole process!...