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Game Changers: Marmoset Toolbag 2.0


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I want to review this amazing piece-of-software that I think most of you will end-up trying and hopefully buying. What is Mamoset Toolbag™ 2.0 you may ask? Well, it is described as, “...A full-featured, real-time material editor and renderer bundled in a tidy package... provides 3D artists (with) a powerful and efficient workflow, bringing exemplary rendering quality to every stage of the 3D art pipeline...”

Now here’s my reasoning as to why, I believe, Mamoset Toolbag™ 2.0 could be a game changer for 3D Concept Designers:

You design your character, prop or set using your 3D package of choice... Now what? You could render in your 3D package but we know how long those take.

What you need is a “real-time” renderer and material-editor - Mamoset Toolbag™ 2.0, where you can import your mesh, alter your materials and render high-quality images OR turntables using physically accurate Image Based Lighting - IBLs, and DONE! No long hours waiting in front of the monitor to discover that you forgot to check this attribute or load that texture. In Mamoset Toolbag™ 2.0 you can move the IBLs around, add dynamic lights or cameras, change the DOP, add new textures... whatever you want to change, just hit render, and DONE! Fast high-quality images / turntables without the long and expensive wait!

Check this out!


Pretty cool, right?! Hope this helps someone. Don’t forget to check-out the article, smiles and links here!


Game Changers: Octane Render™ and .ORBX

OTOY announces the release of OctaneRender 1.5 and a NEW interchange file format called .ORBX


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OctaneRender™ 1.5 is the world's first-fully GPU based physically based renderer - where the software uses the video card of the computer to render, rendering images at extreme speeds, up to 50x faster than CPU - where the processor (CPU) of the computer is used to calculate the rendering. It has a real-time 3D scene editing capability, allowing you to change camera viewpoints, lights, materials and object positions in real-time seeing the changes immediately update in the viewport...


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With the release of OctaneRender™ 1.5, OTOY also introduces a NEW interchange file format called .ORBX: the .ORBX file format, which houses a comprehensive array of computer-generated scene data, enabling the most precise renderings possible across 15 of the top 3D modeling applications.

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Game Changers: Patreon - Crowd Funding for Creators & Patrons

Here’s a crowd-funding site specifically dedicated to the Artist & Creator in you, Patreon!


“...Founded in May 2013 and based in San Francisco, California, Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love. Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century...”

Patreon works for all types of creators:

Musicians YouTubers Web Comics Writers & Bloggers Indie Gamers Video Producers Authors Podcasters Animators Artists Photographers, etc, etc, etc...

Any creator who wants to share their work! Here’s and example of Elisa Kwon’s “Daily Dog”:


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Hope this helps someone or even gives them and idea... better yet, hopefully this will get your a@# in gear to promote your project!