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Nov 2013

"ODDJOBS" Rapid Prototype Toy Development


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In the coming weeks I’m going to write a quick diary of the process and techniques I used to bring to live a toy design for a good friend of mine, Jon Kinyon (www.jonkinyon.com.)His Project, “OddJobs” (www.jonkco.com) is a T.V. series he is developing based on a line of toys he is making - synergy people, SYNERGY!...

What I did for Jon was to take some concept designs he had of the character and I sculpted a 3D model in ZBrush. I then converted the ZTool (model) into a Stereolithography file (.STL) and off it went to be printed at Purple Porcupine in Irvine California. The results are amazing, so stay tuned for designs, turntables and pictures of the whole process!...