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My First Production CGI Project... Back in 2001!

So back in 2001, I worked on a Pilot for Nickelodeon called “Constant Payne.” It was n “experience,” with the most interesting crew I’ve ever worked with.

The Pilot never made it into a series, which was sad because all of us poured our hearts into the production. But the reason why I want to show you this is so that you could have options when it comes to using a 3-D program like Maya as a “tool,” just like Photoshop or a blue-pencil, for any 2-D productions out there!


(Click on image to enlarge!)

Maya has a Toon tab built in and its quite amazing, simple and fast. Give it a try to see what you can get out of it! ITS FREE!

Here’s the final version:


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Some of the distress was hand-drawned to keep with the style of the Pilot.