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Jan 2014

PixelToonsInk! The Site of Robert M. Guthrie

So if you can put two and two together, you will realize that Robert M. Guthrie is my brother... There! So I’m giving him a plug on his newly created website, www.PixelToonsInk.com:


Check out his work and find out what our Mother called me “second Best!”... Obviously I’m kidding... My real nickname was “The Mistake”... I never understood what she meant by that?... I’M KIDDING! Jeeesh! You guys are a tough-crowd tonight!...

Check out a few samples of his work:




For the last few years he started his own concept design company - PixelToonsInk, where he designs characters and products primarily for the Toy Companies, but he has designed for all types, shapes and offshoots of the Entertainment Industry: from Warner Bros Consumer Products, Sony down to J.M.P. Creative. Here is a Toy Tank he design for Dairy Queen:



Rigging At Puppeteer Lounge!


It has been a while since my last post, but I’ve been extremely busy with freelance AND... learning how to rig a face correctly...

My knowledge of rigging has always been at an intermediate level. I learned how to rig about ten years ago, and never went outside those limitations...

SoI decided to learn how to rig a face the “correct” way, and by that I mean, how to “setup a production ready hybrid facial rig based on joints and corrective facial shapes for better deformation for games and films...” That’s the description of the class I’m taking at Puppeteer Lounge (www.puppeteerlounge.com)...