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Artists' Tools: SmudgeGuard "Two-Finger Glove"

No, is not a joke or a play on words, but a great tool for those who want to draw on a tablet and run into a very common problem: you are drawing on your tablet with a Stylus, and all of the sudden, you place the pummel on the screen - or another part of the hand,... and the tablet thinks that the hand AND the Stylus are one and it either rotes the image or it moves it!...


(Click on the image!)

Its called SmudGuard: its a simple glove made out of a magical material (87% Nylon and 13% Spandex,) wick prevents hand friction and on tablets, it prevents what’s called “Palm Recognition,” allowing you to rest your hand on the tablet as you draw!... Oh! And its also washable!

They have a single (SG1) and a double-finger glove (SG2)!