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Tutorial: iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate Painting Tutorial #2


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So here’s another short Tutorial of using the iPad Mini + Jot Touch 4 + Procreate to quickly create paintings “on the go!”

The objective of these tutorials is to show Artist how to use a simple program like Procreate, an amazing Stylus like the Jot Pro Touch 4 and a tablet (I use an iPad Mini because of its size,) and to quickly sketch something that you can then “finish-up” in either Photoshop - or your poison of preference!...


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In this tutorial I go over how to sample colors from photographs. I use an amazing photograph by Artist Angelica Dass’ humanæ project, where she took portraits of people and assigned the corresponding PANTONE® color scheme…” Very impressive project and work.

Stay tuned for more tutorials on this series!