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Game Changers: Octane Render™ and .ORBX

OTOY announces the release of OctaneRender 1.5 and a NEW interchange file format called .ORBX


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OctaneRender™ 1.5 is the world's first-fully GPU based physically based renderer - where the software uses the video card of the computer to render, rendering images at extreme speeds, up to 50x faster than CPU - where the processor (CPU) of the computer is used to calculate the rendering. It has a real-time 3D scene editing capability, allowing you to change camera viewpoints, lights, materials and object positions in real-time seeing the changes immediately update in the viewport...


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With the release of OctaneRender™ 1.5, OTOY also introduces a NEW interchange file format called .ORBX: the .ORBX file format, which houses a comprehensive array of computer-generated scene data, enabling the most precise renderings possible across 15 of the top 3D modeling applications.

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