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Jon Foster Seminar at the Concept Design Academy

So I took this seminar with Jon Foster (www.jonfoster.com) at C.D.A. (www.conceptdesignacad.com,) and let me tell you: AMAZING! John is not only an incredible artist, but the nicest person I’ve met in years!...


1. Jon about to start the seminar with Kevin Chen to the right. 2. Jon painting. 3. Close up of the oil painting.

Jon tends to start his paintings with oils - yes, actual oil paint! He then waits for the paint to dry, and then photographs the painting, brings it into Photoshop, where - along with Corel’s Painter, he finishes the painting digitally...


(Click on the image!)

One of the great things about Jon, is that he is very approachable! He wanted us to see how he worked, how he applied the paint, and what he used. He also talked about things that most artists can relate to, like when do you know you are done with a painting, and when to go digital - Photoshop Vs. Corel’s Painter, etc...


. Me making Jon nervous. 2. Jon and I - I’m creeping up to Jon, and Amy using my head as a podium to post on Facebook.

Fantastic workshop!...