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References: 6 Filmmaking Tips from Hayao Miyazaki

This came via FSR (FilmSchoolRejects.com,) and it's a great article by Landon Palmer about the 73-year-old Japanese Director, Hayao Miyazaki - Click on image to read article:


The article also showcases two video-segments from an interview by Jonathan Ross for the BBC, “Japanorama,” first aired in 2002...

Landon Palmer’s article covers the following topics:

• Work for a Richer Culture, Not a Distracted One

• Let the Images Guide the Pacing

• Let the Politics of Your Business Match the Politics of Your Films

• Know Your Limits and Embrace Teamwork

• Know How to Balance Old and New Media

• Don’t Underestimate Children; Don’t Overestimate Adults

And here’s my favorite quote of the article:

“...While Miyazaki makes films that are accessible to children, he refuses to make films that are by any stretch of the imagination childish. Instead, they push past the limitations and conventions of a present-tense rational adult world, exploring the array of possibilities that lie beyond the blinding assumptions of what animated movies can, or should, be. We should all be so lucky as to have a benchmark for cinema’s wondrous possibilities like Miyazaki...”

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