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References: "Draw The Looney Toons"

Check out this post by Bob Guthrie from PixelToonsInk.com...

In his blog, Bob talks about the two versions of one of the few artists’ books Warner Bros. put out to the public (“Draw the Looney Toons” Chronicle Books, 2005) and how it compares to the version of the same book, which was given to the artist - like him, who worked at Warner Bros Consumer Products...


“…The credits list art by San Wei Chan... Mark Christiansen, Jerome Moore and Robert Guthrie. Text is by Frank Espinoza, co-written by Marie Taylor….”

Here’s an example of Bob’s artwork in the book:


The difference between the two book is sizable. The one the artist from WBCP got had 302 pages, whereas the one sold to the public had 208 pages... 94 pages! Bob also talks about other differences between the two books, like the titles. Very interesting article!