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New "Investment": Henman Miller Mirra

I’ve been having some problems with the temp chair I was using at my studio. Its hard to spend money on a chair, you would say... as I did - yes, I confess to this thought, but recently, after my forearms started to go numb towards the end of a long day, it came time to “invest” on a good chair...

So my friend Sandro and I decided to look around for a good chair. He brought up the Herman Miller Mirra series that they use at his studio, Sony ImageWorks, but also mentioned their steep prices... Just in case, we decided to look in the Internet and wouldn’t you know! We found a place in Illinois where they were selling them for... ready? HAF PRICE!


I don’t know where they got them and I don’t care... but they are AMAZING CHAIRS!

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Paul Clitheroe